About Us

We are Hallmark Party…

We are the licensed property leader. Our portfolio features the newest, hottest, best-loved and most-wanted properties from Disney, Warner Brothers, Marvel, Peanuts, NASCAR®, professional football teams and more.

We are a full line supplier of party products to help you offer everything that your customers need for their special events. From invitations to tableware, décor, games and even favors and thank you notes, Hallmark Party offers all of the coordinated products that are needed to pull off events with style—and ease!

We are great for grown-ups, too—with a full line of party products for all of life’s entertaining needs—including adult gatherings, cocktail parties, milestone birthday, themed parties, seasonal and holiday events, baby, wedding and more.

We are the leading social expression company in the world, with over 100 years of helping you say—and celebrate—it all.

We are a world-class creative company, home to hundreds of talented designers, writers and creators of the very best in social expression products available in the marketplace today.

We are our consumers. We are moms and dads. We are birthday party-throwers and thank you note writers, too. We know our consumers because we are our consumers.

We just keep getting better. We are constantly imagining new formats, dreaming up new designs, coming up with new twists on the properties you love and expanding our portfolio to include the hottest, newest and best properties out there.